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More women, playing more golf

The Queensland Golf Foundation wants to encourage all women, whatever their age, to participate in sport. We believe golf is an ideal sport for women to participate in, as it combines health, a game you can play with family or friends and fun, all in the one game. The perfect sport for women.

And you are never too young or old to learn a new skill. Your donation to this area will help provide programs to encourage women to play golf and ultimately, increase women’s participation in sport and strengthen the future of golf in Queensland.

Why we need your help

  • 1,300
    female golf club members in Queensland
  • 21% female share of club membership base
  • 62.2
    years is the average
    age of the female
    golfer in Australia
  • The most popular sport
    for 25-35 year old
    women in Australia is jogging

Our ladies stories

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